Monday, January 15, 2007

Wishes Come True

Well, my wishes for snow are coming true...for
a little while anyway. We got some snow. About 4 inches or so. It started last night around 9ish and we woke up to this. It's continued snowing most of the day, but it's now starting to slow down. Earlier there were big, giant flakes coming down, now there are just little baby flakes. It's all good, tho.

The squirrels are a little cold right now, since their bellies hit the snow. They are jumping really high to get to the patio where the peanuts are. We've even had some goldfinches on the thistle bags. They are especially puffed up today, too.

This is a picture of some snowflakes. The flakes are so pretty when you can see them individually. There are a couple of clear ones on the paper. They remind me of my friends...a little flakey, but they are each special and I love them because of it. :)


PamKittyMorning said...

I love the snow pictures. And the snowflakes.. so pretty.

Happy Zombie said...

Whoo-whooooo... you got your snow! Pretty, pretty, pretty! Do they cancel school there like they do here over snow? Or do people in WisCONNsin bleed snow why they have a cut?