Friday, January 05, 2007

More quilting gettin' done!

Well, I have finished another quilt. One of the girls from my bible study class had a precious little baby girl.
I pretty much just gathered fat quarters from my stash and put them together. I didn't really have an idea of exactly how this quilt would look. I usually have a picture in my head, and usually the quilts don't turn out like I THINK they will. This one was a pleasant surprise. I really am happy with how it turned out. It's bright and cheerful and I hope baby Madison will get lots of snuggle time with it.
One of the fabrics that I used has little dragonflies on it, so I thought it would be cute to quilt little dragonflies and flowers and swirly things on the border. Here's a close-up of the quilting. Now to start another project, or maybe I'll finish something that I've already started. Maybe I'll just go shopping!


PamKittyMorning said...

That quilt turned out so cute and I love the quilting!

lindiepindie said...

Something weird happened when I posted my comment...not sure what, so here goes again!

The freemotion flowers are too cute! I need to learn to do some cute free-motion stuff. It really adds to the quilt. I'm sure she'll appreciate it!

Happy Zombie said...

How cute! Cindy... I love your quilting! I wish I was able to do that. You're friend is going to be thrilled!