Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Supersize me

Well, since my little friend
Happy Zombie asked me so nicely to post the pic of my supersized chicken, I figured I'd better. So, here she is. HZ, another friend and I were participating in a Thimbleberries club in Longview, WA a few years back and you could earn thimbles (little wooden ones) if you brought in a show and tell item with Thimbleberries fabric in. You actually can't see the Thimbleberries fabric in this picture, but it's on her tail. I also included some of her chicks in the picture. I kind of went crazy making these little chickens a while back. 2 log cabin blocks sewn together with some felt, and beads for eyes and voila, you have a chicken. So, anyway, this pic is for you M! :) hugs and pecks


Happy Zombie said...

Slugs and Fishes my friend!

HOW CUTE is that little chicken family of yours!!!! You are pure sunshine my friend. I miss you SOOOO much!

Laurie said...

oh my gosh. What a cute chicken family!!!

PamKittyMorning said...

Oh a cool chickeny pillow! Darling!

Patti said...

Love your chickies! Was that at Momma Made It? I can't imagine it being at Longview Sew and Vac or Joann's so I figure it must have been at Sharon's. That's my most favorite of all quilt shops, and the place I get in more trouble than any other. Especially every spring when we get to spend 4 days in her basement on retreat. All that luscious fabric just a few steps away. If you were a regular at her shop I bet you really miss it.


lindiepindie said...

I came by and commented yesterday, but didn't realize you were the Cindy that had stopped by my blog! Big Momma sure is supersized, but next to the little chickies, there's an even littler one, isn't there? So sweet.