Monday, December 21, 2009

a couple more snow pics

Well, here is our deck after the snow stopped falling. We got 22 inches of snow (according to the news people). I couldn't measure since it was deep in some spots, and not as deep in others.

Travis and I went out to help shovel the pipestem and made a little mohawk on Foxy girl. Awwww. :) I took her for a drive around the block and got lots of smiles and waves. Then, the snow chunks started falling off onto the windshield...time to go home. :)

It's Monday, now, and school has been cancelled the rest of the week (Sara was supposed to go today, tomorrow and half day on Wed). It's a good thing, tho. I think she might have the flu. She's a sick chick..fever and runny nose. She's been drinking lots of liquids and laying on the couch. My poor little baby. I have to go out to get our Christmas ham, and a couple of presents for Sara. Other than that, we're stayin' in. :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

DC Blizzard 2009 (enter new theme music..dun dun dun)

Well, they predicted we were going to get up to 24 inches around the DC Metro area. They were right! We got a TON of snow. When I measured on the deck it was 16 inches, but the deck isn't a real good indicator because it's kind of protected from the house. I had to go around the house to clear the snow from the heat pump and the snow was up to my thighs! Now, I have to say, the snow is blowing a bit, but that's still a lot of fluffy white stuff.

We are used to snow now, after living in SB for 3 years, but we only got one storm while we lived there that dropped this much snow at once. AND, there are no plows or salt trucks here. AND people in Virginia don't know how to drive in snow. Heck, they can't drive in rain!~ :)

Anyway, here are some pictures from this morning around 11ish. It's been snowing all day and since then, we've gotten a lot more. I'll post some more tomorrow, hopefully. We finally got our Christmas tree yesterday, so hopefully I will have those pics up too.

Here are the vehicles all covered with snow. Don't they look so cute?? :)

This is the deck at around 11 this morning.

Here is the deck around 4 this afternoon. Look at the chairs by the table and the bbq for comparison. We got a lot during the afternoon. I AM LOVING IT!! :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So Much Stuff

We've had company for 3 weeks, now. Anisa's boyfriend, Aaron has been here from WI, then my mom, sis and niece came to visit for 5ish days. The girls left yesterday, Aaron leaves today. It is always so much fun having company, but it's nice to put the house back together, too. :)

I wanted to post this first, because it was the best day EVER~ we were in DC and a very sweet, tame squirrel came to visit us and even got on my lap. I was THRILLED. Tragically, later we watched a hawk swoop down and take another squirrel for lunch.

Since we've had company, we've been showing them around where we now live. My mom has been to DC several times, but we had to show Wendy and Kelsey and Aaron stuff. Here are some pictures of the last few weeks.

The sun coming into the National Cathedral.

Mom, Wen and Kels in front of the White House.

The Beautiful Cousins.

Obama landing at the White House from Copenhagen.

A squirrel friend for Aaron.

The Ellipse from the top of the Washington Monument.

Sara had a dance competition this last weekend. They took 1st place, again, but we knew they would. The mix of kids really works. They get along, their coaches are incredible, it's just a really great experience for the dancers (and the parents). Here are some pics from the competition.

Today, Anisa and Aaron will get the last activities in and he will fly home this evening. I'm sure this evening at our house will not be a happy place, but we have had a really good time showing Aaron around. It's gonna be quiet around here, but with Christmas just next week, that will be ok. :)

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Where am I?

Ok, guess where we are by the picture.....

Nope! We're not in Wisconsin anymore. It's Dec. 5, and we are in Virginia and IT'S SNOWING! wahoo!!!! The weatherman was right, and he's lucky. I had plans with my girlfriends to go to a BIG Christmas Bazaar up in Pennsylvania today, but "they" were calling for snow. So, we decided yesterday to cancel the trip just in case it really did snow. I woke up this morning and looked out and there was no snow. I felt the violence welling up in me, but a little while later, it started snowing! And I'm happy. Sad to have missed out on a girlfriend day out, but happy to see the beautiful snow. Us chicks will be rescheduling a day out soon! :)

Thursday, December 03, 2009


One thing that I DID have time to finish is the raffle quilt for the dance team. They are the West Springfield Spartans. Their colors are more of a navy blue, but oh well. Hopefully we can make some good money on this baby! :)

The team is going to Nationals in Orlando, FL in the spring, and any money we raise goes to the cost of the trip.

Now, I can work on some other projects that I've been wanting to work on. I'll show you all later! :)


Ok, I have had company so that's why I haven't posted lately. But, here is what has been happening around here.

Anisa's boyfriend, Aaron, is here from Wisconsin. My cousin April came down from NY last week for a night. So, we took them into DC to explore. We went to the National Cathedral, Botanic Garden, Library of Congress, and lots of museums. Of course, the best part was all the squirrels we saw. :) Here are some pics of the trip....

My mom, sis and niece are coming out next week and we'll be doing a lot of this all over again, but that's ok. Oh, and the weathermen are calling for possible snow fluffies this weekend. heehee I am not getting my hopes up, but it's possible.