Tuesday, January 02, 2007

One more thing.....

Ok, I'm on a roll. Travis took this picture this morning. It's a cardinal (duh) in our tree right out our back door. We've become really crazy about the birdies here. We have some spectacular birds that visit us. Today we saw our first waxwings. They are so cool. They have a little wig like the cardinals, but they're grey with a little black mask and yellow tipped tails. The cardinals are kind of shy so we don't see them out very often. We can usually see them deep in the bushes out back.

We have a thistle bag out in the tree that the goldfinches love. We get common goldfinches and purple finches, which are more red than purple. These little guys are the yellow kind.

We have also had a Downy Woodpecker in the big tree out back. They are so cute to watch because they kind of "flit" around and peck at the bugs. We also get nuthatches. They like to peck at the bugs too, but they prefer to eat head down. We learned this weekend that there are brown creepers around and they eat sideways. The Discovery Channel is NOTHING compared to our own backyard. :)

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Happy Zombie said...

I love your wildlife! Do you have a bird book? Sam gave me hers (a west coast edition) before she moved back to The Mitten. It was a gift she got when she lived in Kodiak and then passed it on to me. I cherish it all the more. I keep it in the cupboard by my kitchen window (my wildlife TV).

I love, love, love your photos and the image of you like Snow White out in the yard with all the birdies flying around you.