Friday, January 19, 2007

6 Weird Things About Me Meme

Well, Monica tagged a bunch of us, so I guess I'm IT for a minute.....

1. I love my van, named Baby and SHE'S A GIRL. :)

2. I can sit and watch the squirrels in my backyard for hours. They're so cute when they sit up on their hind legs, and they're soft looking, although I haven't touched one, since I think they have bugs.

3. I eat popcorn with chocolate. I prefer to have a dove milk chocolate bar, and take little bites, then pop some popcorn into my mouth so I get the salty and sweet flavors at once..yummy!

4. I love chickens. I like the real kind, because I think they're cute, but I have a ton of stuffed and statue kinds of chickens. I have them all in my sewing/guest room. If I had real chickens in there, they would poop on my new carpet...ewwww!

5. I prewash all my fabric. As soon as I get home, I throw it in the washer, then as soon as it's dry I love ironing it into neatly creased pieces.

6. I hate clothes. As soon as I get home, I strip and put my flannel pants (winter) or soft shorts (summer). I don't like my clothes fitted.....loose is good! :)


Happy Zombie said...

I'm so with you on #6! Jeans, loose t-shrits, flip flops... now THAT'S fashion!!!

Not with ya on the #5 though! I still love you even though you pre-wash. Something I don't know about you... when you press, do you steam or no-steam? I just started steaming 3 or 4 years ago. Changed my life!

The Chicken Lady said...

I'm a steamer! :) I LOVE steam....besides making nice creases, it makes the fabric smell come into the air. :)

Wende said...

I'm sorry, but the squirrel thing. NOOOO. :D

heh. I finally sorta did this meme (again) on my blog.