Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I've been traumatized

Ok, so yesterday I was coming around the counter from the kitchen to the dining area to look at my little birdies and squirrels and ........

THERE'S A HAWK EATING A LITTLE BIRD! Right under my tree. So, he sees me, grabs his meal and flies away. Now there is a pile of DEATH *(well, feathers) under the tree. I'm traumatized! The worst thing is he looked at me like, "Don't judge me, you chicken eater!" Ouch.

He came back today to see what other tasty animal he could snatch up, but I scared him away. I understand he needs to eat. Really, I do. I also think he is cute and fun to see. I just wish he didn't have to eat the CUTE animals in my backyard! I hope he finds a tasty snake in a field somewhere. As long as he doesn't bring it here, I'll be ok.

I think I'll make salad for dinner tonight! :)


Patti said...

The stark reality of nature is so hard to take sometimes. It's so much easier to pretend things like this don't happen. I'm like you - I know they happen but I'd much rather not be an eye witness.

I just noticed that you have my blog listed under "super talented chicks". I'm very flattered - thank you! I love sharing my quilting and I'm glad to know others enjoy my sharing.

Happy Zombie said...

Oh you poor thing... but I loved your post and how you wrote it. You chicken eater you.

Did you see Snakes On A Plane? I pictured your Hawk of Death taking a little trip with Samual L Jackson!

Wende said...

Oh, I remember the first time I saw a Raven take out a small bird in flight. Shudder