Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Yes, I'm a good driving teacher. :) AJ took her driver's license test this morning and is now a full-fledged driver. I just watched my money go out the window to the insurance company! We get a discount as long as she maintains a B average, which is our requirement anyway. Lucky for her, she does have good grades and will get to drive by herself. Here's the first time she has gotten to drive without an adult.....she had to take her sis to swimming. Of course, I was worried, but she made it back all in one piece and the Element is whole also. Whew, the growing up business is for the birds. I need a nap!


PamKittyMorning said...

In California kids can't drive anyone under 24 for a whole year after they get their license, also there's a midnight curfew on their restricted license.

I loved it when Frankie started driving. It was like I was free from that high school parking lot. She had a lot of practice and I didn't feel nervous or scared when she drove off.

Good luck to your driver!!!

Wende said...

Oh! Congratulations to the new driver. :D We're never letting Boy Wonder drive... I've seen how he rides his bike and I think it's for the best. :D