Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mall of America and IKEA

Sara has been wanting to go back to the Mall of America since we visited on the way to Sturgeon Bay. It's a nice mall, has some stores you can't find at too many other malls, but it's still A MALL. Busy shoppers, crowds, blah blah blah. But since I'm the best mom in the whole world (ha ha ha) I took Sara and Emily on the 5.5 hour drive for some school shopping, rides and just fun.
This is Denim Heaven. Well, at least that's what the signs said! :)

This is one of the rollercoasters there. Check out their hair!! hee hee

The Lego guy at LegoLand. I think he's trying to be gangster.

We couldn't be anywhere NEAR a Chevy's and not go, so we met up with our friend Jim and had some Fresh Mex! :) Delicious!!!

And speaking of eating, we made a trip to IKEA and had Swedish Meatballs for lunch before we shopped. We needed all the energy we could get to shop there! :) Unfortunately, we didn't find as much to buy as I had hoped. I guess we need to make another trip. This time with Travis so he can help me BUY, BUY, BUY!!! :)

Between here and there, there are a few areas of Amish people. These signs make me smile. I think they're so cute. We didn't see any Amish buggies on this trip. Darn!

We had rainy weather and HUMIDITY, but we had a good time. It sure is nice to be home again, tho!

Where I've Been Lately

I haven't posted in AGES, but I have a good excuse. I've been BUSY~~

We had company! :) Our friends, Renee, Chad, and chicks came to visit us! It was so fun, but way too quick. We took them to Titletown, our favorite pub in Green Bay. We also made a trip up north to check out the small towns on the Door Peninsula. Then we went to Wisconsin Dells and stayed at the Wilderness Resort so we could play and still put the baby bug down for naps. Here are some highlights of our visit....
Here are a couple of the rides/pools we went in. Anisa and Mae are on the raft coming down one of the slides.

And the gang in the wave pool. They had fun catching waves and riding waves to the "beach".

When we were at the house, we watched the squirrels and birds. Miss Ava enjoyed it!

We stopped by Lambeau Field to snap some pictures together. That place is HUGE! We hadn't ever actually parked and gone in until that day. We really plan to go see a Packers game before we leave Wisconsin. I'm thinkin' we can't get seats this comfortable, but oh well!

Here are the chicks with coach Vince Lombardi. Wow, he's BIG! :)

Cheeseheads...'Nuff Said! :)

Um, Yea. These were at the airport and they made us laugh. But the funniest part is mine is on upside down! tee hee duh.

My friend!!! :) I hate that we live so far away. Actually, I hate that I live so far away from so many of my friends, but it's fun to go see everyone and have them visit us! :)
We had a wonderful visit and plan to go out to see them sometime SOON!

That's what has been happening lately. Friends, Family, Adventures, Fun....I can't ask for anything better! :)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


We have some visitors this week. My friend is out of town for her son's graduation from CG boot camp, so we are birdie sitting. This is Travis with Francis and Key Lime. We seriously need to get Travis a pet. :) It's fun to have the birds here for a little while. They are chirping away and it's a sweet sound.

And a random shot of a VERY COOL Corvette.....for my dad! :) We went to lunch one day in Green Bay and spotted this beauty in the parking lot. I just so happened to have my camera and we took some pictures of it. My dad's first car was a '62 Corvette, so I took the pictures for him.....Love ya Dad! :)

Baby Pictures

I posted this in another place this morning but thought you all might enjoy it too. Anisa is the picture on top. She's about 1 and a halfish. That's me and my daddy on the bottom, about the same age. Anisa had the most beautiful ringlets (still does and she's finally starting to realize how great they are instead of straightening them!). Not much to this post, just thought it would be fun. :)

Monday, August 06, 2007

Whoo boy!

Hello my friends and family!!

I haven't posted lately, actually, haven't done much of anything lately because it's been too hot and humid. I don't like summer, much. I'm way more of a winter chick. Bring on the snow!! :) Ok, I'm done whining for now. :)
So, what little HAVE I done? Well, I did get motivated by Pam to make a new ironing board cover. She told of her new beautiful cover and I figured I could MAKE one.

Here is my old one. I'm almost ashamed to show it here in public, but admitting that you need a new cover is the first step, right?? So, it was all stained up. I don't really know HOW it got like this. Occasionally I use the spray starch, but that's all I can think of. I've tried to wash it with bleach......didn't touch the stains. Oh well.

Here's the new one. I scrounged up some fabric from one of my boxes and I had a couple of yards of this fabric that I bought ages ago and don't really care for it anymore. I think it turned out ok. I just used the old one as a pattern, cut, sewed and here ya go! Someday I'll get some pretty fabric just for a new cover, but for now, this will do. At least it doesn't look icky and stained.

My new ironing board cover will come in handy when I get started quilting~I need to make a thank you quilt for a friend, and I FINALLY figured out what pattern I'll be using, so now I can get started on it. I will post it when it's done. I haven't been that motivated to start because I didn't know how I was going to put it together. Now that I have an idea, I am getting excited to get it started and done. :)
Another thing that has been happening, is Anisa's Dance Camp. For those of you who don't know, Anisa made the Competetive Dance Team at school for this next year. She's had several practices, ballet classes and a week long dance camp. Here is the team giving a preview to their parents on their Pom routine. They are looking good so far. :) I think she's going to have a fun year.
And that's what's new in my house. Today I have running around to do! :) Have a splendid day!!! :)