Wednesday, December 20, 2006

We had visitors!!

My mom and my nieces, Steen and Kels, came out to visit us. It was a WAY TOO short visit, but we had fun seeing each other anyway. The cousins all got along (nothing new there) and they got to see all our wildlife. They already knew their aunt was wierd! :) Life is more exciting like that!

Anyway, the CA girls went with my girls to school on Friday to experience THAT. We spent a day shopping and on our way to Appleton we went through a little town on Lake Michigan called Algoma.

When we were in Algoma, the lake was very stormy and wavy. The water was splashing over the breakwall (I don't know if that's what it's called, but it sounds very technical, doesn't it?). There were tons of geese out there on the beach. I love watching and hearing them, but MAN, they have big poop! hee hee

We also watched as the water splashed up on the beach and it was freezing almost immediately after it hit the beach. It was really cool. Mom and I went wine tasting up in Carlsville. But I want her to come back in the summer when things up north are open. Most of the peninsula shuts down from Oct/Nov. to May. We didn't get any snow while they were here which kind of bummed us out a little too. Oh well, we had a good time together, just visiting. :)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Snow Pictures

:) I wanted to get these pictures posted so everyone can see what I ordered! :) Yea, the snow is all about me.....hee hee The only worry I have is my precious Traily has to be out in subfreezing temps all winter. I hope he survives. I have the portable heater going inside so things can thaw a little. This morning when I took Travis to work it was 13 degrees outside. The Element has a great heater, tho, so we were fine inside AND it handles pretty good in the snow.

Today the sun is out, but I think they're predicting flurries on and off for the next few days. I need to get the salt off the Element. Travis keeps wishing we could have studded tires on our vehicles. Oh well.

Everyone says I'll get sick of shoveling snow by the end of winter. I guess they COULD be right, but I'm not sure. After I got done with our driveway, I went and did the neighbor's drive (they're snowbirds). I wanted to do my other couple of neighbors' driveways, but it got too dark.

This post wouldn't be complete without a picture of my fuzzy friends. They are so cute in the snow. They dig to bury their peanuts under the snow and they even fluff up the snow over their treasure. I love, love, love watching my little squirrels. :)