Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So Much To Report

I hope you have a few minutes today. I'm so far behind, that I'm just makin' ONE bigger post about all the stuff that's been going on here.

Hmmm, where to begin. I suppose I'll start with my baby. Miss Sara turned 14 years old yesterday. I can't believe it. What a kid. She's totally her own person, which drives me crazy sometimes. She loves shopping and make-up and doing her hair (other traits that drive me crazy). Here she is with her presents. She got a T-shirt, Cosmic Brownies, Hot Topic gift card, girlprops gift card, and tickets to the Warped Tour this summer.

Here she is ready to go to Semi-Formals. I told her to wear pretty heels. She said NO. She wanted to wear her Chucks to be comfy. She said afterward that she got all kinds of compliments. So, I guess Mom doesn't ALWAYS know best. :) She borrowed the dress from her buddy Emily (gotta love FREE stuff!). Gilbert, the froggie backpack, went along to hold her stuff....whatever that might be, camera, make-up, phone, etc.

Here are a few pictures Sara took while she was in Washington, D.C. She had a great time. She's even excited about going back when we head out this summer. She wasn't all that excited about the bus ride, since it was about 20 hours each way, but she survived. They went to so many places.....Mt. Vernon, Washington, Jefferson, Vietnam, Korean, Lincoln and WWII Memorials, Arlington Cemetary, Smithsonian Museums, Potomac River Cruise, ESPN Zone and stopped at Gettysburg on the way home. :) I'm so glad she got the opportunity to do this with her class.

BREAKING NEWS......We just found out both girls made Dance Team for the '08-'09 school year. BUT, a couple of their friends didn't make it. Anisa is really torn. She wants to be on the team but one of the girls who didn't make it is one of her best friends here. Poor kids.

Ok, back to our lives lately. Every spring when the babies are all being born or hatched, I see the baby geese and I always want to take a picture of them. Well, we were on our way out of town the other day and I swung into a parking lot where several goose families had their babies out to eat and swim. Here is a little family out on a stroll.

OH MY GOSH! There is a new place called HuHot in Green Bay. It's a Mongolian Grill Buffet joint. It is SOOOOOO good. Next to Titletown Pub, it's now one of our favorites. They have buffet stands set up and you fill your bowl with meats, veggies, noodles and sauces then they grill it on this huge grill. The guys dump your bowl full of goodies then they go around the grill chopping, mixing, and turning the food. One of the desserts offered is the S'Mores platter. Here are Sara and Emily enjoying their S'mores.

Remember my little teaser? It's done. Here it is. The pattern is from Bareroots which I love. I don't think I'll do this little table topper the same way again. All the pieces are hand appliqued on with a blind stitch. IF I do this project again, I think I'll do fused applique, just cuz the pieces are so small. The little topper is about 21" across. Now I have other projects to work on! :)

One more thing to report. As I told you before, my friend Haley (Hi Haley! :)) and I have been working our butts off - literally. We've been faithfully going to the Y every weekday (well, skipping one or two for various reasons), and trying to eat healthy and watching our calories. I'm very excited to brag on myself that I've lost between 9 ~11 pounds. I say "between" because I had an eating weekend (Olive Garden is evil!) and when I weighed myself last Friday I was down 11 pounds. I weighed myself yesterday and had found 2 of those lost pounds. Not a biggie. I am back on track and have a goal of losing about 10 more. Then.....SHOPPING! I had to buy a belt because my pants/shorts were getting too loose. :)

That is my life in a nutshell over the past, oh, few weeks. Sorry to you all for boring you and not updating my blog. I hope you're all having a spectacular day and getting to do something fun. :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mailbox LOVE!!

Isn't it great to have that kind of friend who see something silly and knows you will squeal with delight if she buys it for you? Yeah, even the little things.

I have one of those friends. Monica is that kind of friend. :) I went out to my mailbox two days ago and found a squishy pack. I was so excited to see that it was from Monica. I couldn't imagine what it would be. I thought maybe a homemade bag since she's getting lots of sewing done. Enough, in fact, that the magazines are practically knocking down her door! hee hee Ok, so back to the squishy pack. I opened it and found these!! Recycled and reusable grocery bags from FRED MEYER. Oh, we miss Fred's (heck, we miss practically everything about the PNW). Now, every day when I go to the grocery store here I can take my Fred bags and shop happy. Yeah, and when Sara got home, she squealed with delight and yelled, "OH, FRED MEYER BAGS!!"

Thank you, Monica, for being that kind of friend!!! :) I love you chick.

Friday, May 09, 2008

My New Job

Ok, my dear, talented friend Happy Zombie is going to Market (to market, to buy a fat pig.....um, wait, no, that's not right). She is part of THAT lucky group who gets to go to the International Quilt Market. Oh, yeah, LUCKY!!! So, since I am not part of that group, but I like to have my nose in everything, I thought I'd help her shop for what to wear. She came up with the idea of the lovely dresses here, but I didn't think it quite fit her personality. So, I came up with this. I think it's "HER". She's wild, fun & crazy. So, if you're in the market for a Personal Shopper, look me up! :)