Monday, October 30, 2006

Chicks in Coats

Speaking of Fall, the chicks needed new coats. I wish they would stop sure would be helpful! We shopped for 2 days! One day in Green Bay and another in Appleton. We were successful the 2nd day in Appleton. Here are the chicks modeling their new coats. Now if I can just get them to wear them on cold days. They still wear flip flops outside, but who am I to talk? I'm still wearing shorts!! :)

It's FALL!

Well, it's fall in Sturgeon Bay. The way I can tell is that all the leaves have fallen off the trees. It didn't take long, either. One day, the tree had leaves, we had a good frost that night, then the next morning they ALL fell off.

The city comes around with a big truck with a mulcher...I call it the Sucker Truck.....the catch is that you have to rake all the leaves into a pile out by the curb. Doesn't it look good enough to jump into??!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Just stuff I'm thinkin' of

Ok, most people who read this already know I'm crazy (in a good way), so you won't find this too surprising. I love all the wildlife in my backyard! Our "pet" squirrel, Dave, is so fat that he wobbles when he hops. There are a couple other squirrels who visit all the time...
*Shunhei (named after one of Anisa's Japanese friends). He's chubby, but we can tell it's him because he has one pointy ear and the base of his tail is smaller than the rest. He'll take peanuts right out of your hand.
*Frank has a notch out of one of his ears. He doesn't like to take the peanuts out of your hand, but he'll come up to the window and wait for you to throw some out.
*Eddie is SUPER FAT too. Him and Dave are more like little fuzzy walruses since they're so fat.
We also have about 5 blue jays that come to visit us. We just call them the Jays. They're harder to tell apart. :)

We had a tiny snow storm last week. Ok, ok, it wasn't a storm at all, but there were snowflakes coming down and it was COLD!! One day that I checked it was 28 degrees with a wind chill of 14. I don't care, tho. I'm not putting on jeans until I absolutely have to...until then, I'm wearing shorts! I'm a rebel. At least I put on a sweatshirt.

My grandparents have been here for a few days. We've been having a nice visit. We took them up north to the end of the road and through all the little towns on the peninsula. It was a nice drive and a nice day. We went in a few little shops here and there. We stopped at Newport State Park to look at the lake (Michigan). We took them to Cave Point Park which is very cool. The girls and I went out there this summer and the water was crystal blue....really pretty. The day we went it was windy so the water was muddy from all the waves. It was still very nice. On our way out there we saw a really big porcupine. He was about the size of a small dog. Very cool since I had never seen one alive in the wild. We also saw a deer, which is not that exciting, but I still like seeing them.

And that's what's been happening here in Wisconsin....YIPPEE! :)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Anisa played at the homecoming football game (our team - The Clippers - lost, AGAIN). The band rocked, tho! They had their brand new uniforms and looked great. Did I mention, Anisa is the only Piccolo player in the band?? :) She loves that. Anyway, it was a wet night at the game, so they had to put plastic bags on over their uniforms while waiting to play at halftime. Their band teacher is awesome, and loves working with the kids.

Before the game they had a big ol' bonfire...gotta love these small towns! :) Too bad I forgot the marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers! Oh, and the trailer!! :) The fire was super hot, we had to stand far away from it, even tho it was cool outside.

Saturday was the homecoming Dance and Anisa went with a bunch of friends and had a great time. They all looked so cute. We took pictures down by Sturgeon Bay.....Great night, and not too cold. :) The kids went to Applebees then the dance at the school. They had a fun time. Afterward, Anisa got to spend the night at a friend's house. She was a tired puppy the next day! But it was worth it.