Thursday, January 04, 2007

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Ok, yea, whatever...Distance makes the heart YEARN!! I was looking on line to find out where the nearest 7-11 was. I'm having a Slurpee fit here! So, I found out the closest one was in Zion, IL just out of Chicago and it is about 203.5 miles from my driveway. That's about 3 hours to drive for a Coke Slurpee. That's sick! So, it got me to feeling a little sorry for myself living here in Door County (which we have lovingly renamed Dork Ounty). Here is what I'm missing and how far it is to the closest one from my door.

Mall (in Green Bay) - approx. 45 miles
Starbucks (actually Sara has a fetish) - 47.5 Miles
Costco - approx. 220 Miles (there are several in the Chicago area)
IKEA - 328 Miles
Fred Meyer - 1674.33 Miles
Fabric Depot - 2048.92 Miles
Uwajimaya - 2064.68 Miles
Cannon Beach - 2135.37 Miles

I think those are the most important places that I miss. Of course, I miss friends all over, and that stinks. I'm going to go sew now. That will keep my mind off my desire for a Slurpee. :) tee hee


Lori said...

Hi Cindy,
I got your letter and loved hearing from you!!! I read your blogs,how exciting to have your mom there with you, I sure do miss her, wish I could see her too!!!
I sent you a late Christmas card and loved seeing your little family, the girls are getting soooo big!!! I sent you an invite to my yahoo 360, so if you want to hook up with me there you can, I think I'm going to get rid of my myspace too many people can see my family...but love to stay in touch with my family and friends...hummm what to is my yahoo acct. you can see me at yahoo 360 as well...I blog on there along with Heidi and Garth...anyway tell everybody hi for me and I'll see you on the net...luv to all.

Wende said...

Oh! I do the same thing. Astoria has a few of the things you are missing... but, even so, there are things I miss so much from my life in California. Like Sunshine.

When we moved from our beloved Seattle to PA---I spent hours trying to find "replacements". You know, things to stand in for what I was missing. We were there for only 20 months and it took me that long to find someone who could make a passable Medici.

To this day, when I fly in and out of Seatac, I drop down to the C concourse and scoop up a Dilettante Mocha. Old habits die hard.

Patti said...

Obviously you must have moved from somehwere out here near my "neck of the woods" - Vancouver WA. You don't mention the mountains - that's what I'd miss most of all. But the other things you did mention - yes - I don't think I could do without any of them. One of the many reasons I know we'll never move.

Happy Zombie said...

I feel for you my friend! I can do without Starbucks and my java addition is Peet's. You moved too soon as they are opening a Peet's coffee in Salmon Creek (across from Safeway). If you've ever had a Peet's, I guarantee you'd not be longing for a Starbucks! Another Peet's opened a few months ago in Fishers Landing (sp) and I about cried when I took my first javalishous sip. You can take the Bay Area out of the girl... blah, blah, blah.

Road trip!!! That's all I can say. Mi casa es su casa.

PS... do you have Safeway there? That's where I get my jammy jam. AND... it's even on sale right now!

Happy Zombie said...

Forgot to mention... I was laughing so hard at your Dork Ounty. You are too funny! BTW... It's stuck in my head now like an ABBA song.

Quilty love from Catsup County!

Traveling Zippypants said...

I just left you a big ol' comment and realized I had to have an account to leave it. So now the comment is gone and I have an account. Once I actually write anything you will have to come check it out!