Friday, March 06, 2009

Bunny Tales BOM

BOM?? Block of the Month. :) That's what the talented Miss Anne is offering to us lucky fans out here in cyber land. Bunny Tales is the blog to get the patterns. Just click on the little widget on the sidebar for the patterns. I'm late in getting my blocks on here, but better late than never. :)

Here's my January block.

Here's my February block.

I'm working on my March block tonight or at least this weekend.

Since I'm posting fabric-y stuff, here's a baby quilt I made for a CG family here. Jerry works with Travis and his wife is having a baby boy very soon! They are BIG Dallas Cowboy fans, so instead of making a babyish quilt, I thought a Cowboy quilt would be more loved. I ran out of fabric and had to improvise on my pattern, but I'm happy with how it turned out. And mom and dad really liked it.

Here is another little pockety purse made from Happy Zombie's pattern in BH&G Quilts and More. I love this pattern. So easy and when I make them, I think of my dear friend. :) xoxo HZ!!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

slacking, but no more

Well, I've been slacking on my posting. I admit, it's just been laziness. I'm a stay-at-home mom to TEENAGERS. I have all the time in the world! :) Seriously, I do. :)

Speaking of teenagers, Dance Team season ended, and it ended with a BANG! The girls competed at State in LaCrosse, WI. They only qualified with their Jazz routine (they also perform a Hip-hop/Funk routine and a Pom routine). They didn't place in that competition, but performed their little hearts out. The competition there was fierce, so they were happy to just be able to compete there and not come in last! :) The weekend of Feb. 20-22 we headed to the UPA National Competition in Minneapolis, MN. This is a competition that is by invitation, not by qualification. It's big and fun. The girls really gave it their all and placed 2nd in Funk -stripey uniforms (out of 5 teams), and 3rd in Pom -warm-ups in front of trophys (out of 8 teams) and 3rd in Jazz -red slinky dresses (um, well, there were only 3 teams, but heck, we're still proud!). There were some dancers who competed in the small team competition. Anisa and her friend, Sonia, performed a Funky hip hop routine and came in 13th out of 35 teams. :) With their points, they qualified to go to the next level which is the UPA US Finals. We decided (in voting) that it wasn't worth the time and money. Unfortunately for the girls, the competition out there is really something. The jumps, turns, and other tricks.....our girls haven't had the opportunity to learn. It's a young team, tho, only competeting in these events for 2 years now, so they have time. Hopefully next year, they can get a really good teacher/choreographer in there to get these girls some serious skills. I'm also posting Anisa with Sonia in the air. It's blurry, but you can see what these girls can do! wowwee