Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ah, baby quilts

Here are the two quilts I have just finished and sent off.

This one is for Travis' stepsister's baby boy, Shiloh. He was born in April, and his procrastinating auntie took a while to finish and send him his snuggly quilt. The good thing is that he lives in Texas and now it's getting cooler so he'll need his quilt. The fabric is by Debbie Mumm and has little bunnies, lions, alligators, elephants, ponies and frogs. Don't know if she was going tropical jungle farm animals or what, but it's adorable. :)

This quilt is for my little sister's new baby girl, Chloe. She was just born in October (a couple of weeks ago). This is also Debbie Mumm fabric that has bugs and frogs on it. I LOVE the colors and how they look together. The block is a split nine patch, which is a block that I love doing and it can look so different depending on the color combo you use.

Here is a close-up of where I quilted "Chloe". It's kind of hard to see, but it also shows a close up of the adorable fabric. Both quilts are backed with flannel, the bestest fabric ever invented, in my opinion. :) I hope both of the babies enjoy snuggling in their auntie "hugs" for a long time. The stinky part is they both live far away, so I won't get to give them hugs with my arms. Soon, tho, hopefully.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Today is raining, but it's ok :)

I figured I'd highlight some things that have happened over the past couple of days and something that has happened over the past several months.

Over the last several months (since March, actually) I have been exercising regularly at the Y, started running with Travis and have been trying to eat less (and healthier). I have lost about 18 pounds and have gone from jeans size 10 to 4.

It's great and I'm very happy, but the problem was I had no jeans to wear and we were heading to the Powder Puff Football game at night and it's getting cold. I went shopping a couple of days ago and bought a pair of jeans. They fit ok, but when I got them home and sat down in them, I felt a little air coming in from behind. I was irritated since they were the only pair that fit out of several pairs I tried on at Wal-Mart, Younkers and Target (we're limited to shopping here). Well, I had to take Anisa to Wal-Mart later yesterday (the day of the game) and thought, "hm, I wonder if I could fit into large girl's jeans". Well, I tried on a pair of 16s and they fit! :) I just thought that was so funny. The best part of all was that they were on clearance for $7.00! I love a good bargain.

A couple of weeks ago, they opened the new bridge downtown. It was to replace the old but historic steel bridge. Of course, they had a parade for it (only in a small town!). The girls marched in the band. Anisa didn't play her flute, she held the American flag. She said it was really heavy and awkward with the wind blowing it. Sara played cymbals. The percussion section doesn't have to wear hats, they go gansta with bandanas. :) I love their uniforms. They look so nice.

You're probably wondering what the Powder Puff Football game was all about. Senior girls vs. Junior girls at the high school played each other. It was really fun, but really cold. Of course, the seniors won. :)

This weekend is Homecoming. We'll go to the football game tomorrow night and the girls will go to the dance on Saturday. Traditionally, the kids toilet paper the school. Here are the results of their work. The have to clean it up next week. hahahaa