Monday, February 12, 2007

Our weekend visitor

We had little Miss Tango visiting us this weekend. She's a little hamster from Anisa's biology class, and she also belongs to one of Nisa's friends. She is a SPAZ! We let her run around the house and just watched her. We think she got in about 5 hamster miles in just one night.

She stayed in Anisa's room, so the first night Tango kept my kid awake with all her noises, but the second night was ok.

Isn't she just so cute?! :)

This is her cleaning herself. She kept very clean while she was here. She reminds me of Sara who would take 5 showers a day if we let her!

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lindiepindie said...

That reminds me of when I got to bring the guinea pig home from science class when I was in middle school. Fun, fun.