Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Heat Wave

Well, hello! It's almost 50 degrees here in WI in Feb! I have my t-shirt on, and I'm thinking of putting on some shorts. I might even venture into.......flip-flops! :) Monica would be so proud! :) The bad thing about the warm weather is the pretty snow is gone and leaves ugly, dormant grass and plants in it's wake. Also, the snow by the roads is all ugly and dirty by now.

The animals seem to be happy tho. The squirrels can find all their hidden peanuts and seeds. I saw a squirrel resting in the tree earlier, basking in the sun. He looked very happy.

It is nice to get the vehicles washed and have them stay clean for a little while, instead of icky covered with salt. We're hoping to get back to WA without too much rust! Well, I'm going to go sew, instead of basking in the UV rays. Hope you all are enjoying your weather! :)


oilclothjunkie said...

Glad that you are getting to enjoy some of this nice weather. We've hit 60 degrees today and I'm loving it. I am ready for Spring!

Happy Zombie said...

Whoooo whoooooooooooooooo... flip flop weather! So... are you in flip flops? I am!

Hey... it snowed on The Sunset last night! Down here at sea level we had hail, rain, lightning, thunder. Lots and lots of hail on and off all day. It was too funny watching the chickens run around trying to get out of it! They were running around like chickens with their heads... well, you know.

lindiepindie said...

I remember dirty cars and snow from when we used to live in Michigan. Yuck! But the sun is always welcome, isn't it? I hope you got a lot of sewing done with the sunshine streaming in your window!