Friday, February 23, 2007

More DONE stuff

One day I was bored (stay-at-home mom, home is clean, kids are at school, nothing else to do...I should SEW!). I have projects that I want to do, but wasn't in the mood to start any of them. I wanted to sew, tho. So, I dug through my stuff and found these little Moda fabrics that I had bought years ago. I just cut and sewed and this is what I got.

This little Star quilt is about the size of a placemat. It's scraps from the quilt a couple posts below that I made for my friend who just adopted a baby girl. I figured I should do SOMETHING with the scraps that I couldn't throw away. It's a little boring, but looks good on the table with a picture of my darling family and some glass coasters Anisa made in art class a few years ago. If I decide to move it to a wall, I might add some buttons or something to it to spice it up. :)


Wende said...

Oh, how great. Good idea to use the scraps that way. At the moment, my kid is using scraps to do free form sewing to make patches. Go figure. :D

Happy Zombie said...

Oh your little stars is so cute! I don't think it needs any jazzing up what so ever! The quilt fabs remind of A's and S's rooms in Salmon Creek. It would have looked PERFECT hanging in either or their rooms!

Happy Zombie said...

And the Moda scraps is DARLING TOO! You creative little chickie!