Monday, February 26, 2007

More Snow...duh

Ok, some more, since I'm not getting sick of the snow, although my shoulders hurt now from shoveling....but it was play shoveling, not work shoveling. :)
It pretty much snowed all day yesterday and all night and all day's still snowing! Totally, so far, I think we've gotten around 16-20 inches. The plow came by this morning after Travis and had snowblown the driveway. The huge pile in front was in front of the driveway too, so we had to go dig our way out.

Here's a picture of our neighbor's house. The drifts on some of the roofs are just hanging out so far it's incredible. We've had some fall off the far side of the house and luckily, they haven't fallen on anyone! This one will make a loud thud when it falls.

And, sorry Wende, but what would my blog be without a squirrel in the post?! :) This little guy was so deep in the snow it was so cute. He kept popping his head up then down, then up, then he ran.


Patti said...

Oh, this Washingtonian is very jealous!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a good amount of snow. Did you guys buy snow mobiles? Are you thinking about it? If you do... maybe we'll come visit, HAHAHA!

Wende said...

Ok, now you're just messing with me! :D

PamKittyMorning said...

Weird. Your blog hates me and I didn't do anything to it.It just eats my comments.

Anyway, all I was talking about was how I couldn't live in snow as I am too lazy. Nothing to exciting or new about that. Love your photos and LOVE the squirrel.

Happy Zombie said...

You're going to send Wende and me into snow-therapy!


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