Sunday, February 25, 2007

Even More snow pictures

Ok, I hope you all are not getting tired of me talking about the weather here, but it's just so exciting to me to have real snow. :) All those years of living in Alaska, Washington, and Oregon, we never had THIS much snow all at once. I AM LOVING IT!!! Bring it on clouds!! :)
The weathermen predicted this big storm and I watched online last night as Green Bay, Milwaukee and Chicago (got most) hogged all the snow. I prayed for it to come up here. A few people said it probably wouldn't get up here. But we woke up this morning to wonderful white stuff.
When Travis opened the garage door to start clearing the driveway this is what we saw! The wind has been blowing along with the snow so it's pretty "drifty".

In the backyard there are spots so deep that they go up to our knees and spots where you can see the little heads of grass. In the frontyard, it is pretty deep all the way across. The plow came by earlier and pushed the snow into the end of the driveway...thanks dude!

Here's my honey starting to shovel the driveway. He says the snow is really heavy and wet underneath. I really (truly, I'm not lying) wish we had another shovel so I could get out there and dig too. I love shoveling snow. But he had to do that part on his own. I started shoveling in front of the trailer after this, but then my friend came over and I HAD TO talk to her. tee hee

Here's Travis AFTER he cleared the driveway. Wow, look at all the snow he cleared, he's a strong guy, you say....

Well, actually, HERE'S how he did it. :) He's a good boy, tho. Now I want to go drive around in our little Snow car, to see what that Baby can do.


Wende said...

Look how cute you are! Holy cow, that's snow!! :D You know, you have enough snow there to build some snow scenes ala Calvin and Hobbes. :D

Happy Zombie said...

You guys are so cute! MAN that's a lot of snow! If I were there I'd help you shovel. For like 4 minutes.

Will you bring me some snow this summer? In a jar like that kid in the commercial who gets some wind for his grandfather? ~Woooosh!