Saturday, January 30, 2010

Proud Parents

Anisa got a letter from school yesterday. We were thinking, "oh no, I hope it's not a bill. No, it can't be. We should't owe them anything..." So, she opened it and started reading.....

Dear Honor Student,
Congratulations! On behalf of the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society at the Art Institute of Washington, we wish to congratulate you on your outstanding academic achievement. Your success has made you eligible for membership in Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society.

So, the ALD invites students who have a 3.5 gpa or higher AND are in the top 20% in their class in their first year. She will be able to compete for special scholarships and fellowships. And, she'll get a special pin. tee hee

We are so proud of our kiddo. She LOVES school (except math and english, but not many people love those classes). We are seeing signs of her becoming an adult, not just because of her age, but her behavior. She'll always be our baby, but someday, she'll be a successful woman....wierd. :) but cool. I know we're not the first parents in this spot, but it's OUR first time in this spot, and so far I really like it. :) I like watching my kids succeed in things they love.

Sara is getting ready to go to Nationals with the dance team. We watched the team last night perform a Pom routine. They looked so awesome. I never get tired of watching them. Of course, I have a hard time watching the TEAM, since I'm more focused on my baby. Sometimes her talent amazes me. I wonder where she learned to do moves like that. :) We were going to go to the DMV today to FINALLY get her driver's permit, but it is snowing out, so I'm not sure today is a good day to even leave the house. Maybe later. We'll see. I'll save that for another post. :)


Marie said...

So excited for your honor student-even though she will always be your baby they grow into such amazing adults and to Miss Sara- the DMV oh no look out Springfield with her and Alex on the road!! Enjoy the snow. Hugs, Marie

happy zombie said...

I got teary! Congratulations, Anisa!!!

harmijo said...

What a wonderful honor! Congratulations Anisa on being in the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society!! Way to go! :)