Friday, January 01, 2010

Now for the pictures

This post is for pictures mainly. Our Christmas picture and the girls by the tree. :)

Here is the quilt that I made for Renee for her birthday. It's a pattern called Frog Frolic and I saw it a couple of years ago and REALLY liked it (see the froggies?). Renee likes froggies, so she was the perfect person to make it for. ;) Turns out, she loved it. :)


harmijo said...

I forgot to comment on your family picture in my other post, sorry! It's a great picture though, you all look great and I love the scenery! Lol, I should tell you though that I wondered where you were in it, you look like one of the kids! How do you stay so young looking girl?! :)

Rich said...

Family picture is awesome.

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Vivienne said...

Great pix and cute quilt. Is Renee the same Renee from PDX? With Koby? (Or Colby?)

(I have the same PJs as Sara...)