Friday, January 22, 2010


Yesterday was Anisa's 19th birthday. OH MY. The time has flown by. She has turned into a spectacular young lady. She's funny, cute, smart (sometimes smart mouth, but not often). We have fun hanging out together, doing lunch, shopping or even sewing. She is loving school and is doing a good job in her classes. She had a night class yesterday, and because Sara has a weird schedule with dance, we'll do Anisa's b-day meal tomorrow. She wants to go to Chevy's Mex rest. She was not surprised about half her gifts. It's hard to surprise her much anymore, since I can't really buy her clothes anymore, and so when we were out shopping recently we bought a few things for her but I told her she had to ACT surprised when she opened them. :) She got a couple of bottles of Victoria Secret spray, eye shadow, eye make-up stuff (something you put on before your eye shadow and it makes it last longer...ok). Those are the things she knew about. She was surprised about the Williams Sonoma measuring cups, whisk, knife and peeler set. I love WS, and so does Anisa. **I just noticed, she was wearing the same outfit LAST YEAR in her birthday picture. :) hahaha

Today we're hanging out. She's still sleeping (no school today) and I am gonna go sew. Speaking of sewing, I made these little bags for Renee and her (and my new friend) Sara Beth. I showed them the fabric last week and they both REALLY liked it, so I came home and whipped out these fancy-schmancy Monica bags. :) I love how they turned out. The floral fabric might have to be part of my stash. I really like it, but for me, it will be used more as a quilt. I like the little floral bags, but I don't use them. I like making them a lot because they can be whipped out in a few hours from washing to finished project. LOVE THAT! I've got a new quilt in my head, and hope to get to work on that soon. I'm collecting fabrics for it....greens, yellows, golds....I'm gonna keep it a secret til I get it started. :) hee hee I hope you all have a FANTABULOUS weekend! love you!


Marie said...

Hi girlfriend, it was so good to chat this morning on faceboob,it made my day!! Happy belated birthday to Anisa. Love her goodies. Cindy those floral bags are beautiful,love them!!Will be chatting again soon. Hugs, Marie

harmijo said...

HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY Anisa!!!

Vivienne said...

Shut. Up.
Little 'Nisa is NOT 19. You are mistaken.
Cute bags. You're so talented!

happy zombie said...

Happy Birthday, Anisa! (and I love the bags!)