Sunday, March 04, 2007

Bugs and Ice

Ok, so Sara had it early last week, Travis got it at the end of the week and now the bugs are infesting my lungs! I'm not going to get sick. I am a rebel. I am too bossy! I don't have time to be sick. THERE, that's settled. cough, cough, hack

Today was a sunny day. It was in the 20s which is pretty nice. It's funny how, depending on where you live, 20 degrees can be "warm". Compared to 0, 20 is HOT! This is one of the ice sculptures hanging off our roof. It is now melted because of the sun, but I think this looks pretty cool.

Here are more "sculptures" from last night.


Happy Zombie said...

That is SO COOL! It looks like a mommy hanging on to her dancing child. Kind of like looking at cloud formations.

Brrr... enjoy your HOT weather!

Happy Zombie said...

I just put on a pot of tea for you. Sorry you guys are sick! :(