Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Lot Of Thoughts

Well, my first thought is the storms here ROCK! Too bad they're at 2:00 a.m. We woke up this morning to hail, rain, lightning and thunder. The lightning looked like a strobe light going off outside there was SO MUCH! I love it. Of course, I wish it was at 7:00 p.m. so I could really enjoy it, but oh well.

Yesterday Travis called me in the morning and told me one of the Lakers was pulling out of the canal also called The Ditch. It is the Wilfred Sykes. She is 678 feet and was the first new American-built Great Lakes vessel constructed after World War II. I love watching these beasts glide through the canal. It's very peaceful out there and the birds fly around and you can hear the water lapping the rocks. No salty smell, but I guess it's alright. :)

On Monday evening Travis and I went for a walk. When we got home there was a sweet dog running around. She came to visit, get a couple of pats then took off. As I was petting her, a car drove by. She took off, and the car backed up. She was THEIR dog! I found out her name and told them to come by later if they didn't find her~ if she came back we'd grab her. Well, we took the telescope out since it was a beautiful, clear night. Kota came back and we grabbed her. Then we waited and waited for her owners to come back by. Anisa and I even drove around the neighborhoods to see if we could find their car. Nothin'. So, we had an overnight guest. We made a little nest for her on the floor in our room, but she whined a lot. We finally let her stay on the bed (after many attempts on her part and us pushing her off). She finally fell asleep. By the way, she's a very well kept pup and smelled like she had just had a bath. Anyway, the next morning, I called the vets in the area and the humane society. It turns out that her owner called the humane society too, so she got picked up in the afternoon. It was fun to have a dog overnight, but I don't want the responsibility of having my own.

My last item of the day is my latest craftiness. BoogaJ's Pincushion Challenge has challenged me to make another pincushion. Well, actually 2. My original idea was to make the taco. Then a friend of mine was making s'more pins for her Brownie troop and she gave me the rest of her felt, and I decided to make a S'more. I really like how they turned out. I love the S'more. :) Now, I must go eat, because this post is making me hungry. tee hee :)


Jane Weston said...

What a nice story about the have a very kind heart to take her in and then let her sleep on your bed! :o) I bet her owners were relieved to hear she'd been so well cared for.

oilclothjunkie said...

Oh, those are the cutest pincushins!
You've got to stop, now I want to learn how to quilt and make pincushins. Darn, more things to add to the list. :)

PamKittyMorning said...

Love the big vessel, love the dog story and love the pin cushions.. you're the greatest!

Sherry said...

So sweet to take care of the dog. Even letting it sleep in your bed. You are a dog owner and don't even know it yet! I absolutely love the taco pin cushion. Would love how to know you did it!

lappemor said...

You are truly an angel to take in a dog and let her sleep on your bed... Love the big boat, it looks kind of out of place in the narrow canal. And the pincusions are to die for, how did you do that? Hmm, I have a sudden craving for tacos... :)

Happy Zombie said...

All dogs go to heaven - the lucky ones go to Cindy's house!

OHMYEFFENGAWD... your pincushions are so cute! OMG, the taco is a riot! You clever little thing!

Michelle said...

What adorable pin cushions! They are addicting to make.

I don't let OUR dog sleep on the bed - you are amazing to let a STRANGE dog sleep on your bed.

Thunderstorms. Sigh. Aren't they great? Just wait - you'll get some during the day. They always amazed me.

Patti said...

Oh my - you are so very creative! I NEVER would have thought of taco or s'mores pincushions! They are perfect!!!!

Our poodle sleeps between us. Never can figure out how such a small dog can hog the middle of a queen size bed and have each of us clinging to our respective edges.