Monday, March 26, 2007

Oh What A Night

Wow. Imagine strobe lights, jets and rocks being thrown at your window at 2 a.m. That's what we had. Another storm blew in here in the middle of the night. Some hail. LOTS of lighting and thunder and a lot of rain.

It was a lot like the storm that blew in a few days ago. This one was slightly different, tho. During the evening we watched the news so we could watch the TORNADO WATCH! Yep, we were under Tornado watch from about 5ish until midnight. Some counties in central Wisconsin actually were in Tornado WARNING, which means TAKE COVER!!! Give me Earthquakes, tsunamis, and high wind storms, but please, no tornadoes! Yikes.

Turns out we didn't get a tornado, just a very cool storm in the middle of the night. Sara actually came into our room and hopped into bed with us for a while. When the storm was over, she headed back into her own room. I couldn't handle being sandwiched between two bed hogs anymore, and my back is pretty sore this morning, but I'll live. It looks like it's going to be a sunny and very warm day. As I type, at 7:55 a.m. it's 58 degrees with 90% humidity outside. I went to put the trash out and IT IS WARM!! :) I like it this temp. As long as it doesn't get too much hotter, I'll be having a great day. :)


Happy Zombie said...

Yikes! Scary! But I'd take a tornado over an earthquake any day, (especially an earthquake like the Loma Prieta quake). At least you have warning.

Glad you're safe and sound!!!

Michelle said...

Nah, I'll take the earthquake!

I already mentioned that I miss the thunderstorms - but not the hailstorms!

I made my banana bread - two loaves! Thanks for the inspiration.

Wende said...

Wow... that's some weather. Glad you are safe!!

As for the weather... ACK! It's really chilly here lately. It's like Spring came with an identity crisis. :D

Anne said...

That weather doesn't sound like much fun! Luckily we don't get much of the extreeme sort here... Glad you're all right! And hope your back has recovered from it's night as sandwich filling :o)

PamKittyMorning said...

I don't relish either really. But tornados are freaky. I guess because its the unknown. Earthquakes I know.. and we're having a lot of them lately. Haven't felt a one.

Glad you're all safe and sound.