Thursday, March 15, 2007

A coupla things

Ok, first. Friends. I mention Monica a lot around here. That's cuz I know her in real life and she's just so cool. But I've made several friends in blogland that I haven't met YET. I will get to meet Wende this summer. I can't wait!! I enjoy looking at her life through her words and pictures and I feel like I already know her. Pam, is another chick I feel like I know...since she's Monica's twin! :) If you look at my blogroll, you can see my "friends". I wish I could hug each and every one of them, AND go out for lunch and shopping! Thank you my friends for keeping me entertained. :) And all my lurking friends who aren't listed on my blogroll, I love you too! :)

Second thing is the weather here. All I have to say is.....WHAT THE.. Two days ago, I had a t-shirt and capris on. I was warm. It was 62 degrees out! Today, it's snowing! Wow. Just had to mention how strange it is. :)


Michelle said...

I'm honored that I'm on your list of Super Talented Chicks. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

And the problem with boxes (of mine anyway) is that you have to actually touch them to make them go away. LOL

I'm going to take a picture of our water tower one day - I think they're all that color.

Old School Acres said...

You are so sweet!! I'm also honored to be on that list. Monica and Pam are the sweetest, no?

Hugs, lunch, and shopping?!? I'd love to!

Happy Zombie said...

Gushing and blushing! From both you and Laurie!

HEY... WHAT GIVES? Moi is not on your STC list? No soup for you today!

Faith said...

i think its wonderful that you can make freinds on your blogs and keep in contact that way, its special and brighten up anyone's day.


Wende said...

I can't wait to meet you this summer!!

As for your weather: it's bipolar. Heh. That was bad. BAD Wende! hee..

Oh, darn if I'm not seeing squirrels everywhere. . . and chickens. The chickens I can live with, but the rodents. ACK!

~Kim~ said...

What a heartfelt post about your friends! :)


PamKittyMorning said...

I would totally love to meet up with all of you for a bloggy extravaganza.