Sunday, March 11, 2007

No Worries

Today I'm loving being where I am. It is a sunny Sunday morning. The birds are singing so many beautiful songs and the combination is like a little birdie symphony out in my own backyard for my very own enjoyment. Earlier the church bells were chiming (well, actually it's a recording, but, whatever) their songs. It's warm enough so we can have the window open to hear the wonderful sounds outside. When I say warm, it's about 37 degrees. That's warm for me now!!! tee hee

Sara has swimming today. We spent yesterday at the pool, but she only had one event in the meet. Today she only has 2, but that's ok. She's swimming in the 50 yd breaststroke and the 50 yd freestyle. Yesterday was her backstroke. She improved her time by almost 2 seconds. :) Next season she's going to start 100s. This was her first season, and she's a little nervous about going on those longer swims, but I think she'll do fine as she practices more. :)

Here's Sara with her pal, Annie before they swam. Aren't their tshirts cool??!! :)
This is a picture of warm-ups. The swimmers look so cool when they're going back and forth. There are so many people swimming back and forth and the splashes and movement of water are just so neat looking.


lappemor said...

Oh it sounds like you're having a wonderful day. Love the T-shirts :)

Norma said...

I would love to be able to the comments that you leave on my blog, but you come through as no reply. I can't seem to find your e-mail address anywhere on your blog. Our conversation has just been one-way so far. I am stuck and can't reply.