Monday, October 25, 2010

Pictures this time

I just talked to Anisa! She just got back to her little Italian Home from IRELAND!!! :) She said it is SO BEAUTIFUL there. Now she wants to study abroad in Ireland. I sure hope she gets a job when she gets home so she can start saving up her money for that move! :) hahahaha Actually, I'd kinda like it if she moved to Italy or Ireland. Then we could stay with her on vacations! :)

But anyway, she had a great time. Of course, they went to the Guinness Storehouse. The taps were right there at their table, so as soon as you finish one, you can just pour another, delicious AUTHENTIC Guinness. I hope this link will work, but this was in the email she sent us from the here.. They stayed in Dublin the whole time, but made it to a little place called Howth. There is a little lighthouse there, that is her on the cliff with the lighthouse in the background. She said she literally cried because it was so gorgeous. She said stuff there didn't even look real, it was THAT beautiful. They managed to find a restaurant that turned out to be REALLY expensive. She said her dinner there was 40Euros, which is about $55.00. She said it made her sick to spend that much money, but they didn't know until it was too late. And, while in Ireland, you must eat FishNChips. She is anxious to go back and take us to the places they explored. Now, she's back to normal and work. But, she's happy to be back "home" for now.
My other preciousness is getting ready to dress up for their Halloween/last football game performance. Traditionally they perform Thriller and they dress up. We went shopping on Saturday and got her costume. She's gonna be Lady Gaga. Here is my baby beauty....

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