Thursday, October 21, 2010

no pictures, just words. :)

I have only talked to my Nisa in little bits lately. She's been so busy with classes and working. Most of the time I talk to her, she's getting ready for bed and can barely keep her eyes open. She told me the other day that she's come to the sad realization that she is there for school, not a vacation. But, she's still enjoying it.

Tomorrow, her and some of her new chick friends fly to Dublin. They are spending 4 days in Ireland. Well, probably closer to 3 days, since some of that time will be traveling time. Travis leaves next Wed to see the baby girl and they will try to get some Italy exploration in. Some of their goals are Venice, Pisa, Milan and Rome. She also just booked her tickets to France in Dec. She's going with a big group of people that are in the same program. It should be totally fun.

She is truly having a trip of a lifetime, even tho she is busy, I think it's so cool that she gets these experiences to make her into the person that God wants her to be.

On another note, we got little dogwood trees to replace the big bradford pears that were taken out of the side and front yards. They are pretty cute right now, and I hope they love it in our yard and grow and bloom in the spring. The process of getting them into the ground was not so nice. I hoped that we had hit a diamond mine, but it was only a boulder mine underground. We dug up so many huge rocks, and roots from the pear tree. My shoulders, arms and back are just now recovering. It took us 2 days to dig holes that were worthy of our little trees, but now they're snug in the ground ready to let their roots spread. :)

Today is an errand day. Travis has some things to pick up for work. Not sure what else today will bring but it started out terrific, and I have high hopes for a super great day. :) Oh, and btw, if you're reading this, you are probably one of my friends or a family member and I just wanted to tell you...I LOVE YOU! :) Ok, off to cut my cute husband's hair so we can get ready for our trip out. :)

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Thimbleanna said...

I Love You too hahaha! It sounds like your Nisa is having a fabulous experience -- what a lucky girl. I'd like to run away and spend a semester or so in Europe -- I'd even study. Too bad I can't find anyone to pay me. Are you going to visit her while you're there?