Sunday, October 31, 2010

Baby's Birthday

Every Halloween I post the same thing, I think. Halloween is second as to the importance of this day. 10-31 is BABY'S BIRTHDAY. My little Blue girl is 17 today. I remember it like it was yesterday...We went to LOOK AT new vans. Travis had seen an ad for Ford Aerostars on sale in Portland. I didn't WANT an Aerostar. I wanted a Dodge Caravan. But, I told him I would look. We drove down in our little Silver Skate (Ford Festiva) to Coliseum Ford in Portland, OR. We looked at the vans on the lot. They had a red one. Oops. sold. Then I saw a dark green one that I really liked. Sold, too. Then we spotted the most beautiful blue van. There she was. Sitting there all surrounded by the likes of Mustangs and Tauruses. We got the salesguy to get us out on a test drive. When I drove her, I KNEW 150% sure that this was MY VAN! We got back to the dealership and signed the paperwork to trade-in our sweet little Festiva (that had served us so well, but with a new baby on the way, she was just too small) for this wonderful 7-seater van. We had to rush home because we were meeting friends at our house to go trick-or-treating with all the littles. What a Homecoming for Baby. She got to meet some of our closest friends on her first day home. :)
Ever since that day, she has lived in 7 garages, traveled through 17 states, she's been peed in, spilled in, wrecked, driven up on several curbs, driven on the sand, snow, lots and lots of rain. Most of her guts are new since things have had to be replaced. She has 216,000 miles on her. She just got new Tiger Paw tires and is ready for another 75,000 miles.

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