Thursday, October 14, 2010

Italian update

Well, I talked to my girl yesterday for 2 hours. We said a whole lotta nothin', but it was fun. She showed me her scarf and leather bracelet she bought, we talked about her upcoming trip to Ireland with 4 other chicks, and how much she loves it there. We may have lost our Anisa to Italy. The good thing about that would be we would have a great place to stay! :) hahaha, nah, I'm not sure she could ever LEAVE America, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

She's been having a blast. She said most everyone on the team (25) gets along. There is always a little drama, but she pretty much stays out of it. They went to Parma and Tuscany this past weekend and went wine-tasting, cheese tasting and of course, all the eating. She said they were all homesick for their little pads in Orvieto, tho. The one thing that makes it so great there, is that it is so tiny and feels very safe. I told her, "it sounds like Cannon Beach"! :) She's been staying super busy with school and working. She doesn't like the lack of time, but has been enjoying the total experience so far. I stole some pictures from one of the guys on Facebook who has been posting lots of REALLY GREAT shots. These are some of my favorites.....

Here in VA, things are going great. Today is GORGEOUS. A high of 60 degrees and rainy! My kind of weather. I have some errands to run (fish food and coffee creamer are high on my shopping list!), then I hope to get home and quilt. I just finished the quilt below for our newest niece who is now 6 months old and I'm a loser for not doing this sooner! Oh well. :) At least I'm sending it before she graduates! I got fabrics to start another quilt for our friends' new grandson. Fabrics are all washed and ready to iron and cut and create...I just need to figure out what pattern I will do. We booked Travis' tickets to Italy the other day..he'll be there for 2 weeks. I really hope they have a great time together. This is gonna be some VALUABLE Daddy/Girl time. I'm thinking of doing something fun with Sara while he's gone...maybe a trip to NY to see my cousin! :) Dance team takes up most of her time, so we can't go far, but DT is fun, so I don't mind. :)

Speaking of Sara, I'm so proud of her. She's really putting in an effort at school this year. I thought I was gonna kill that child last year. She drove us nuts, but this year she's doing SO MUCH BETTER. She's growing up....(tear) She's been so cute while Anisa's been gone. We've gotten lots of mommy/baby talks in. Drama at school/DT, boys, shopping. I love that my baby is starting to come out of her brainless 13yr-16yr stage. :) We are having another Dance Team Lock In tomorrow night and I'm really looking forward to spending the night at the school with the kids...honestly, I love it. The Dance Team is full of awesomely cool kids. :)

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