Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why I love my Van and Traffic

Shocking news! I love my van! :) hahahaa Ok, most of you already know how much I love my big blue 1993 Aerostar with over 200,000 miles on her. But I'm not sure if you all know WHY I love her. Well, it's times like this when I am so happy to have her. We bought the girls new beds. Of course, they wanted the ultra plush european pillowtops. Big ol' hurfin' mattresses. We wanted to save a little money so we picked them up in Baby. I just took out the back seats and we got both mattresses and frames inside, then the guys tied the boxsprings to the top. You can't do this is any old van or even SUVs....I know. We've had friends ask if we could move stuff in the van since big stuff didn't fit into their space-lacking vehicles. :) There are people out there who laugh at my van (you know who you are) until they need something big hauled. She's more than just a people hauler. She's my Baby! :)

And, you're wondering why I said "traffic" in the title, right? Yeah, that's not a typo. Traffic is something we're learning to live with here. There is ALWAYS traffic on the freeways. It doesn't matter what time you go out, there is traffic.

Because I had 2 boxsprings attached to the top of the van, I couldn't drive too fast, but didn't want to take 5 hours getting home on the backroads. Luckily, I went to pick the beds up right about the time everyone and their brother was getting out of work. Traffic on the freeway was moving at around 45 mph, which was perfect for me. I only got a couple of funny looks, and since everyone was going slow, I didn't make anyone mad. It was a good day. :) Bonus, the kids were very happy to have new beds. I let you know later how they slept last night. :)

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