Wednesday, July 08, 2009


The girls wanted their rooms painted, so...we painted them. Here are the colors they picked.

Anisa wanted a dark plum-y purple. She picked a color called Kimono Violet. It's a little more purple than I thought she wanted, but we both really like it. We only did one wall in her room since it's so dark. The other walls are a really, really soft yellowy green color. It actually looks pretty together.

Sara just wanted purple, a pretty purple. So, this is what she found. We only did 2 walls in her room. Her other 2 walls are a really, really soft green, but she wants them white. We'll see.

Travis isn't happy about either color. He's more of an Antique White paint guy. The girls are happy, tho, and that's what matters. They are both getting new queen sized beds too, that's why their rooms are such disasters. :)


harmijo said...
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Vivienne said...

LOL! Travis IS an Antique White kind of guy! That is so funny.
Have him repeat to himself: "I will not be afraid of color. I will not be afraid of color...."

harmijo said...

How funny that your girls like basically the same color, just different shades :) They must be a lot alike. As much as my sister and I love each other we are as different as day and night. At that age if I had picked one color she wouldn't have wanted any shade even close to it, and vice versa, LMBO! I like both of the colors, very pretty :) I can't wait to see the rooms all finished with the beds in, their pictures hung, etc.! I know they will both have cool rooms! Oh and I'd love to see the rest of the house too when you get it just how you want it too! :)