Friday, July 24, 2009

Butterflies and other creatures

We took a trip on the Metro on Tuesday to go to the Museum of Natural History to see the butterflies. Well, we went to look at other stuff, too, but the butterflies were our main goal of the day. The butterfly pavilion is free on Tuesdays, so we went to pick up our tickets (they give out a certain amount of tickets for a 15 minute trip through the pavilion) then went to look at all the other exhibits until our time came up. Here are some highlights of our trip.....

On the Metro. This is Karalee and me. It was our first time on the Metro here. fun!




Vivienne said...

That is awesome. Free is a very good price. My parents love the Metro and praise it everytime they go to DC.

harmijo said...

What beautiful butterflies! The metro looks fun too! Cute pics of you and the girls as well, glad you all had fun!