Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Baby Is Gone

Well, I just got back home from watching Sara's bus drive away to WASHINGTON, D.C. Their 8th Grade field trip is a 20something hour trip on a big coach bus to our capital. I'm so happy for her, but a little sad. This is the first BIG trip she's taken like this. It's like when Anisa went to New York a couple of years ago. I wanted her to go, but I wanted to go protect her. Luckily, she's got 2 moms on the bus with her that she LOVES and Renee is out in the DC area in case of emergency.

Here is my girl with some of her friends. When they get back, I'm sure she'll have tons of pictures to share. I left her little love notes for each day in her backpack. In most of them, I reminded her to take lots of pictures and take notes on where we HAVE TO go this summer when we drive out east.

Travis left this morning to go to Michigan. Sounds easy enough since Michigan is right next to Wisconsin. Unfortunately, Lake Michigan is in the way. So, he had to drive down south through Chicago, IL, then a little through Indiana and he just called and he's just about over the Michigan border. He'll be doing some work up there for a couple of days then he'll be home just about the time Sara gets home. Anisa and I have the place to ourselves. Which is nice.

That kind of leads me to my next subject. My dear friend Haley and I have been working our butts off (literally). She was telling me she needed to start going back to the gym to get her summer body back (you know, that winter blubber layer). We've been going every week day for the last 2 weeks. I have also added seriously watching my calorie intake. The results......I've lost 6 pounds!!!! I'm so happy. I tried on a pair of pants I bought last summer that were a tad snug and now they're loose. I love seeing results. It makes it so much easier to keep it up. This week will be nice since I won't have to make dinner for the family. I can just eat what I need to eat and that's it. No pressure. I love that. :)


Michelle said...

Congrats on losing the poundage! That's so exciting! I'm rooting for you.

My 8th grader goes to DC this year too! But she's going after school is out, in June. And she's going to fly!

Happy Zombie said...

That's so exciting about your weight loss, but seriously... one more pound and we won't be able to see you!

How exciting about S's DC trip!