Friday, April 04, 2008

Guests and Machines

This morning on our way to Travis' office, we saw this couple down the street, but when I got home, they were in MY yard! It was fun to watch them. They are so cute. We've seen lots of ducks and the geese are back, too. I love listening to them flying overhead.

So, I've got a quilty/embroidery project that I'm working on but I can't get to it right now. See this??

It belongs in HERE! Baby's been sick. She was leaking anti-freeze out of somewhere on her engine, not the easy place, her radiator. So we had to rip her guts out and HOPEFULLY fix her. While we're in there, we've been replacing gaskets and cleaning. She's got 192,000ish miles on her and she's been a faithful girl in our family for over 14 years.

Travis gets so mad when we have to work on her since there isn't much room under her short hood. He can't get his hands in certain places, but my smaller hands can get in there. All the grease, oil, chemicals and washing are doing a number on my hands....Which is why they look like this. How sad and embarrassing. I have boy hands! :( We hope to have her running and not leaking by this weekend. Then I can get more work done on my quilty project. Right now my hands are kind of sore so I haven't been able to do any embroidery, which is most of my latest project......stay tuned, pics will be posted as soon as I can get it done! :)

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Cheryl said...

Hope all the pieces get back where they go!!!