Sunday, November 11, 2007

Rockin' Out

We went to the Ruth/ RelientK/ Switchfoot concert last night in Green Bay. It was VERY fun! We were pleasantly surprised by the opening band, Ruth. They are a band from WASHINGTON STATE!! OH YEAH!!!! Anyway, after the concert, we got to talk to them, and 2 of the guys are from Battle Ground ~ about 15 minutes from where we lived in Salmon Creek! 1 of the guys is from Portland and the other is from Seattle. We talked about mountains, trees and THE OCEAN! It was great. Yeah, we're good friends now. tee hee Here are the girls and their pal with the band.

This probably should have been posted first, but here is a picture of the crazy kids waiting to get into the concert. We had to stand and wait in a little waiting area for about an hour before they would let us in. This was the first rock concert in the new Kress building at UWGB. Nice place, but better for sports.

And speaking of rocking out, here is Anisa and her old man, I mean, Travis (tee hee) rocking out on their guitars. I'll get a picture of Sara and her bass some other day! :) Someday, I might have rocker daughters!! but probably not! hahahaha


happy zombie said...

What a great time! And HOW COOL your new best friend are from WA!!!

Your little rockette and papa rocker are so cute!

happy zombie said...

Ooops... best friendS!