Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dance Competition

Well, our chicks have made it through their first competition. It was down in Milwaukee this past Saturday. They competed against 9 other teams in their division. Unfortunately, they didn't place THIS TIME, but they now know what to expect and where they need to improve. 2 girls were out due to injuries. Here are some pictures of our beautiful chicks.

This is the team the day before competition. This was their dress rehearsal. This was also the day that one of the girls pulled her hamstring. Don't they look sparkly??

This is the beginning of their routine. Anisa is on the right side, on her knees in the back. They danced to You Lift Me Up by Rachael Lampa. They ROCKED!!!! This was their Pom routine. They are learning their Funk routine which they'll perform at another competition.

This is the end of the routine. Anisa is in the back standing up (almost directly in front of the dancer on the Coach's right side). We are SO PROUD of our girls. They did such a great job. We're looking forward to the next competition coming up in December!


The Real Me said...

Hurray for them using such a good song and not the usual smut. I hope they do really well. My husband coaches Cross Country and I hear you about being proud of them. They all work so hard and have a great time too. Did you all get snow?

sammyjo said...

wow they look great and it looks like a lot of fun, good luck to them in december