Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Artsy Fartsy stuff

I have gotten a couple of projects done. They both had deadlines, so I got them done quickly. I love deadlines! :) I am a procrastinator, I admit it, but I'm good when I had a deadline.

The first little tiny quilt is a gift for a friend. Our friends in Cheboygan put us up for a long weekend and took us for a tour of their town. Anyway, this is a little Thank You gift to them. :) It's a Tiny Stars wallhanging and it's about 9" x 9" square. My friend's master bathroom is lavendar and her room is lovely green, so I thought she could hang this in either room and it would look nice.

This is a little reversible apron for Miss Ava who just turned 2 on Saturday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE PRINCESS!!! :) Anyway, she is into (play)cooking, I hear, so I figured she needed an apron so she doesn't get (play) frosting all over her clothes! :) One side is watermelon-y and the other is purple/pink. I also made her some little tiny watermelon potholders. I got the idea from a little fancy schmancy toy store in town. But they were selling their NON-REVERSIBLE aprons for much more!! This turned out so adorable, I just wish I could see her in it! Since they live stinkin' far away, I'll only get to see her in pictures and when I finally get to go out and visit! :)

Today I'm working on finally getting the backs on my NUJD quilts. I'll post pics soon (I hope!). :) Have a fantabulous day!!!


Wende said...

Goodness... you're busy. See, I'd consider it a productive day if I could just get ahead of my laundry!

Angela (Cottage Magpie) said...

Love the quilt and the aprons! Cute! And thanks for visiting my blog. Those looms are great! Talk about fast sewing! As for the black bed--in our house you are only allowed to say "classy" if you say it with a New Jersey accent! :-) Thanks!

happy zombie said...

I can't believe that darling little quilt is only 9 x 9! WOWIE ZOWIE! Oh it's soooo cute! And the aprons too!

Elizabeth said...

What darling itty bitty projects!

Anne Ida said...

Oh, I LOVE the tiny little star quilt! It is beautiful! And hard to believe it is so tiny!!!

The apron is adorable to :o) Bet there was a very happy little princess :o)