Friday, September 08, 2006

We've been busy

The girls have finished the first week of school and so far they like it. They've even made a friend or two. The picture is of my girls with Emily and Meghan - long story, short ~Travis was stationed with their dad in Portland about 5 years ago, they went to AK, and now they're here. It's nice to have friends already in place when you move! Anisa is in 10th grade and Sara is in 7th grade. Anisa is trying band this semester to see if she likes it. Her poor little flute was just sitting here. She is also taking journalism and will write some for the school newspaper. Sara is taking Home Ec. and will learn to cook and they do some sewing. That will be fun.

These pictures were taken last weekend when we went out to go geocaching's kind of like a treasure hunt, using a GPS unit. You get the coordinates of the "treasure" off the internet, then you go search for the it. Usually they're little boxes full of small trinkets. We like it because we go to places we might not find otherwise. It made us go to a couple of parks we might not have gone to. We were out at Lake Michigan right where the ship canal comes out from Sturgeon Bay.

These little dolls are inspired from my VERY TALENTED friend The Happy Zombie She finds all these darling things to make and do, and I can't help but copy her....I want to be like her! :) They're from a cool blog called Wee Wonderfuls Another very talented chick. Anyway, the dolls were very fun to make. I just used her pattern and then made it a little smaller to make my little Tenushi (angel in Japanese). My next project will be my Cannon Beach wallhanging, soon to be posted!


Happy Zombie said...

Oh I love your Wees! Are they not just too much fun to make!!!! You are SO talented Chickie Poo!!!!

More in a bit... I have to go to the Post Office to mail my Red/Aqua swap.

Wade said...

Hi Chicken Lady, hehehehe Nice blog! Tell the "Rooster" I said hi, and I'll call you guys later.