Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Element - a noun

ELEMENT n. 1. The natural or suitable enviroment for a person or thing.....

Ok, in other words a boxy little car with TONS of room inside and is fun to drive. :) We have been wanting to get a 3rd vehicle that will drive in the snow. Baby and Chuck hate snow driving and slip and slide all over. We looked at the Honda CRV and the Toyota Rav4, but settled on the Element. Travis has liked these boxes, er, cars since he saw them at the Portland Car show when they first came out in 2003. He liked the fact that you can open it up, hose it out and dry it with a steam cleaning carpets or any junk like that.

So, a little about OUR little box. It's a 2004 Honda Element. It's "Cargo Khaki", which is basically a metallic goldish color. :) It has a little 4 cyl engine, but it actually has some get up and go to it. All 4 seats fold flat to make into a bed. It has a sun/moon roof and we've found out that there are several after-market cool accessories we can get for it....a screen for the moon roof instead of the glass - great for camping - and a tent thing that goes over the back (speaking of camping). Those were a couple of the things we'd actually consider getting later.

The first thing the girls did when we got home (they were at school when we bought it down in Green Bay) was SCREAM! Anisa almost peed her pants. Of course, she HAD to take it out for a drive, so off we all went to the market then to show it off to our friends. It's a nice little addition to our family and we don't have to pick up after it!


Happy Zombie said...

OH MY GOSH! That is totally cool Cindy! I'm so excited for you guys!!! It's so you, but then so is Baby. Poor Baby... now living in the shadow of Ellie. :-(

Congratulations and I hope you post more pics too! It's so cool how you can hose it out! I didn't know that! Too bad you didn't get Ellie while you were still here... my Maggie says she and Ellie would have been fast friends. I guess they have to settle for being pen pals until we take a road trip out there to see you guys!

Miss you oodles and noodles!
Mugs and Dishes,

The Chicken Lady said...

Actually, Anisa named her Foxy. One the way home Travis and I were singing Boxy Lady (thanks Jimi!), then Anisa said NO, she needs to be named Foxy! I still call her boxy. :)

Oh, and Baby will always be #1 with me. I love my little girl. :) tee hee She just gets some breaks now. She has over 182,000 miles on her! WOWWEEEE!! I'm not getting rid of her til she goes to Van Heaven tho!