Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Our furry friends

Today is starting to feel like fall. It's supposed to be 52 degrees today. The squirrels are really working to get their stash for the winter. We've been feeding them peanuts. Most of them take the nuts to hide them. We've had a young squirrel (named him Little Dude) who just eats them out by the tree.
This is a picture of Dave. We call him Brave Dave, Daring Dave and David when he's in trouble. :) He'll come and take the peanuts out of your hand. He looks like a tough guy since he has lots of little notches out of his ears, but he's so cute.

I really love it when the squirrels stand up like this...

I know people think squirrels are just rats in fancy clothes, but I think they're cute!

Included in our wildlife are so many birds. The blue jays like the peanuts also. They're so bright blue here. I'll have to post a picture of them later. They don't sit still very long. Usually, they dive down to get the nut and go back in a tree.
Next summer I'm planting a bunny garden, so they'll come into the backyard more. They like our neighbors' yards better since they have yummy flowers and veggies.

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