Wednesday, September 27, 2006

At the Races

We went to the Champ Car races on Sun. 9-24-06. Our pal Chris gave us tickets and it was FUN!!!! Travis is a big Formula One racing fan and these were just a taste of what he'll see next year at Indy when we go to see the F-1 races. Katherine Legge, the chick in the pink car, was who we were rooting for. Unfortunately, she crashed right down the track from us. It was SO scary. Something flew off her car right in front of us and then she hit the wall at the curve. We saw the whole thing and the first thing I thought was, "Oh My Gosh! We just saw someone die!". Her car hit with such force that it flew into jillions of pieces. Thank God she walked away with some cuts and bruises. Another cool thing we saw was the back of Paul Newman's head! tee hee He was there with his team. Woo hoo, an exciting day at the track!

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