Saturday, April 02, 2011


Well, Coach J did it again. Go HERE to see the incredible video that he made to promote the team in some different avenues other than just high school and college dance competitions.

He is lovingly called Buh Buh Juh, Barbara, and J. Jason King along with Tara Perez, AKA TP and Coachikins, work ALL.THE.TIME to get this team of dancers to the top. They hand picked each one because they could see that spark in every one of them. This is a FAMILY of talented kids who are all willing to literally sacrifice almost everything for dance and their team.

Once the school year starts, every single practice (Tues - Fri 3-6 and some Mondays and weekends from Sept. to March) is mandatory. They cannot miss for anything...driver's ed, studio lessons, family vacations...NOTHING. It's a sacrifice for the families too, since we have to schedule things around the team schedule, but we all do it willingly and only whine about it a little, because we know it's SO worth it. The rewards for each dancer are so huge. This is what we all hope for our kids to have in their young lives. A family outside of their parents and siblings that they can share their ups and downs with, and this team has definitely had it's share. Our Senior guy, Julian, danced for weeks with a torn ACL. He was in some serious pain, and has just gone through a painful surgery and faces some painful PT, but I know he doesn't regret a second of it. A couple of the dancers have blood pressure and asthma issues. We've seen some pass out after performing. Frustration, exhaustion and pain are a few things that they all willingly subject their bodies to for the goal of going big!

Trophies are nice, but they do it for the love of it. And each dancer is a splendid kid. Yeah, they all have their issues, but since they are all teenagers, that's to be expected. They don't take it for granted that they get awarded for their hard work. They take their awards and go back and work even harder for the next event. If our world was full of people who were so dedicated and willing to sacrifice for others like these dancers have done, it would be a way better place.

I am so incredibly proud of each one of them. I can't even describe what it's like to be called Mama No, have their trust, and be allowed to participate in the events with these awesome kids. I love them all. Keep an eye on this team....they're going places for sure! :)

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Anne Heidi said...

WOW!!!!!! I am so impressed with these kids, they should be on America's best dance crew!!! I think Kristine want to move there right away and try out for the team... Lots of hard work- they should be so proud of themselves!