Friday, April 01, 2011

Cherry Blossoms and other adventures

Last minute, Anisa and I decided to go into DC and have lunch with Travis. They have these yummy, delicious tacos at his building for really cheap. After we ate, he changed into his play clothes (jeans and tennis shoes) and we headed in to the Tidal Basin to see the Cherry Blossoms.

On the shuttle, from Travis' work to the shuttle stop, we saw cops sitting on overpasses....for no apparent reason. Then, as we got closer to the water, we saw traffic was STOPPED, cops were EVERYWHERE and a helicopter was flying around overhead. Travis said, "get your cameras ready, he's gonna drive by". The presidential motorcade came down the road. Starting with motorcycle cops, then cop cars, then the limos, then suburbans, then vans and other vehicles, then more cop cars, then more motorcycles. The girls and I have seen this before. One time in LA when I had rear-ended a Suburban, Clinton drove by with the whole motorcade. It's kinda fun to see whether you like the guy or not. :) The video is here if you want to watch it. It's about a minute long. :)

After we got done taking pictures/video, we headed over to see the trees. They are beautiful, as usual. Plus, the monuments make everything even better. :) I love this city. We took tons of pictures and walked around the water...freezing. It was about 50 out today, but it was really windy right there on the water. Once we had done the entire loop, we (I) decided we should walk to the Pentagon and catch the Metro there. After all, when you looked, it seemed to be "right there"...close. We had to walk along the 395 freeway over the Potomac River (SUPER WINDY). We had to RUN across an offramp, then walk on the inside of the railing to get over there. Next time, we'll go back to the Smithsonian stop on the National Mall. It was a fun adventure, but it would have been more fun if it hadn't been so darn cold. We survived, so all is fine. :) We caught the metro right away, and got home safely to download our pics to share with, without further ado, here are some of my favorites. :) If you click on the pics you can see them bigger.

*You can see Anisa's braces in a couple of the pics. She only has the brackets on for now with the expander. Once they take the expander off (which will be soon, since her teeth are REALLY moving) they'll put the wires on. I'm already looking forward to the treatment being over...and so is she! :)

**Do you like Anisa's sweatshirt? She's liked the Fox Motorsports brand for years. We were out shopping last week and one of the stores that we love had 70% off the clearance price of all their sale stuff. So, we checked it out and found this sweatshirt. It was originally $100, marked down to $40, minus 70% came down to $12, BUT they give a military discount so we paid 11 bucks for it~ I.LOVE.BARGAINS!!! :) And it's fuzz lined, so it's super warm.


faith said...

I love your adventure, so much funyou all have!! Misss you. Hugs,Marie

harmijo said...

Great pics! Is Anisa home perminately from Italy now?