Thursday, September 30, 2010

update from Italia

Well, we've heard from Anisa. She made it safely to Italy. After a LONG flight (8.5 hours), and not much sleep they got there to find their little Mercedes bus that was to take them to the town of Orvieto.

There are 2 parts to Orvieto. The lower part is newer and the upper part which is the older part. They are in the Upper part and she said it's beautiful. She said "mom, you know when you see pictures of the narrow little brick lined roads in the pictures, it's just like that! It's beautiful!". She really likes her apartment. She is in a building with 5 apartments. She has 2 roommates, and so far thinks they're really nice.

They have visited the Orvieto Cathedral, the underground city, and the tombs. She's eaten liver and authentic pizza and has had a lot of wine!

She said the cars there are tiny. Fiats mostly. When they were building the roads, they were meant for horses, and now that they have cars up there, they have to be small. She said she's taking lots of pictures of them cuz they're so cute.

She's slowly learning a few words and phrases in Italian and says the language barrier really stinks. Hopefully that will motivate her to learn a lot!

Well, that's all I know for now. This week is a free week for them. I think they start classes next week. She is also doing an internship and found out that she might get the chance to do a paid internship....if that works out, I'll be sure to report! :)

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