Monday, September 27, 2010


Yep, this post is all about Anisa. First, I'll catch you up on an event she had at school. :)

They had a dessert showcase where they showed off wedding cakes (styrofoam cakes, decorated with real frosting/fondant). Plus, they shared other desserts with family and friends. There were some yummy desserts and a few that were not so great. :) Anisa made brownies, chocolate covered strawberries, and some little lemon tartlets cuz she knows I love them. :) heehee Here are some pics of some of the desserts and cakes that were displayed. Anisa's is the green and white cake. The big blue cake is the Corpse Bride theme and they had little skull cookies that were so cute. The Daisy cake was done by a super cute woman who we talked to for a really long time. :)

We went to Chevy's for Anisa's last American (mexican) lunch. The girls got their usual burritos, Travis and I both got new stuff for us. I got asparagus/mushroom enchiladas and they were delicious! :) Anisa wanted to get the fried ice cream for dessert, but she was so full she had decided not to. Then the waitress came by and said they were doing special $1 fried ice cream SCOOPS. Ah, that was perfect. So, Anisa got her fried ice cream. Here are my beautiful girls..

And now, to the big news. Right now, as I type, Anisa is about an hour out over the Atlantic ocean on her way to Italy. I know she's not asleep right now, but I hope she gets some sleep during her 8.5 hour flight. She will arrive in Rome, Italy at 8:45 a.m. their time which is 7 hours later than us then will have a 1.5-2 hour bus ride to Orvieto. So we are expecting a skype call at about 4 a.m. ugh... She met her roommate already and said she really likes her A LOT! We'll see in about a week. :) There were only a few little tears shed at home before we left, and luckily that was it. Once we got to the airport, her 2 friends arrived and they all got checked in, I took a quick picture and off they went through security and onto their big adventure. I'll try to keep this updated as much as i can with pics that she posts on facebook. :) Here are her and the guys...Chef is missing, but I'm sure there will be pics of him posted soon. :)


Vivienne said...

Ack! How scary for you and how EXCITING for Anisa! I just got out our photos from out trip to Italy and looked over them again. She's going to have an amazing experience!

Marie said...

I am so excited about her new adventure, first of a lifetime. She is so talented but then look at her wonderful parents, you are the best and have the sweetest family. Faith is already looking forward to seeing the dancers again and so am I. Hugs, Marie