Saturday, December 19, 2009

DC Blizzard 2009 (enter new theme music..dun dun dun)

Well, they predicted we were going to get up to 24 inches around the DC Metro area. They were right! We got a TON of snow. When I measured on the deck it was 16 inches, but the deck isn't a real good indicator because it's kind of protected from the house. I had to go around the house to clear the snow from the heat pump and the snow was up to my thighs! Now, I have to say, the snow is blowing a bit, but that's still a lot of fluffy white stuff.

We are used to snow now, after living in SB for 3 years, but we only got one storm while we lived there that dropped this much snow at once. AND, there are no plows or salt trucks here. AND people in Virginia don't know how to drive in snow. Heck, they can't drive in rain!~ :)

Anyway, here are some pictures from this morning around 11ish. It's been snowing all day and since then, we've gotten a lot more. I'll post some more tomorrow, hopefully. We finally got our Christmas tree yesterday, so hopefully I will have those pics up too.

Here are the vehicles all covered with snow. Don't they look so cute?? :)

This is the deck at around 11 this morning.

Here is the deck around 4 this afternoon. Look at the chairs by the table and the bbq for comparison. We got a lot during the afternoon. I AM LOVING IT!! :)

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happy zombie said...

Holy cow! It looks like Wisconsin!!! Happy snow! Wish you could share!