Monday, December 21, 2009

a couple more snow pics

Well, here is our deck after the snow stopped falling. We got 22 inches of snow (according to the news people). I couldn't measure since it was deep in some spots, and not as deep in others.

Travis and I went out to help shovel the pipestem and made a little mohawk on Foxy girl. Awwww. :) I took her for a drive around the block and got lots of smiles and waves. Then, the snow chunks started falling off onto the windshield...time to go home. :)

It's Monday, now, and school has been cancelled the rest of the week (Sara was supposed to go today, tomorrow and half day on Wed). It's a good thing, tho. I think she might have the flu. She's a sick chick..fever and runny nose. She's been drinking lots of liquids and laying on the couch. My poor little baby. I have to go out to get our Christmas ham, and a couple of presents for Sara. Other than that, we're stayin' in. :)


Marie said...

Thanks for the update on the snow. glad yo could get out. Tell Sara Granny hopes she is feeling much better. Lisa and the kids went to Hampton for Katie's gymn meet hope she got back home safe. We are hoping to come up in Feb. but haven''t told the kids yet it will be for Claude's birthday.Have a Merry White Christmas. Love, Marie

harmijo said...

Hope Sara feels better soon! I will be praying for her.

PS Love the snow pics, wish we had some! :)

happy zombie said...

I wish you could shovel some and chuck into my yard! I still can't get over how much snow you guys got!

We saw Up last night. Thought of you throughout the movie.... SQUIRREL! :o)